Home Business How to do Local SEO for Multiple Locations?

How to do Local SEO for Multiple Locations?

How to do Local SEO for Multiple Locations

When you are seeking to Search Engine Optimize your business website locally, it is quite tricky. And when you operate your business from multiple locations across the country, implementing local SEO becomes more difficult. Managing local SEO for all the business stores in different regions adds a different level of complexity altogether. But as a business owner operating across many locations, you will definitely want each business branch to receive the online visibility it deserves.

What is Multiple Location SEO?

Well, suppose you have a business at only one location. You will need strategies to reach out to more potential customers, right? Now imagine that you own business franchises spanning across multiple cities throughout the country. Maybe you even ship your services overseas! How will you increase customer traffic? You definitely cannot use the same strategy you used when your business operated from a single location. New business models require different strategies. So you will have to come up with new strategies for managing multiple locations, isn’t it?

How do you do that? The answer is—through multiple location SEO. Local SEO services can help localize content specifically for a particular business location. So when local customers search for services for a specific niche, they will easily find your website at the top of search engine pages. Long story short, multiple location SEO helps Google to clearly distinguish between different business locations. So now, they can pretty easily rank you higher on their search engine result pages(SERPs). This helps your business get more visibility and gain an appreciable amount of customers.

Looking for tips to optimize your business franchises for multiple locations? We have got you covered! Read on till the end to check out the most important things you should consider.

  • Create Individual Websites for Each Location

 You may have a single website for all the locations your business operates from. This may seem quite convenient to handle. But stuffing all the information of all branches into a single webpage is not wise. Moreover, it is messy and leaves a bad first impression on your potential customers. This is because, when customers of a certain region visit your website, they are necessarily looking for information specific to that location. All other information is unnecessary and meaningless to them. So customers may find themselves struggling to find relevant information amidst a sea of meaningless, redundant garbage. This may leave them disgusted. And you do not want your customers to leave your website feeling irritated, isn’t it?

So the very first thing you should do is create business websites based on the business’s location. Create websites for every location. Then optimize its look, design, and content, keeping in mind the target audience. Your goal is to reach out to local customers. So focus on creating content that serves their interests and demands. Provide product and inventory information relevant to business outlets in that location. This may be problematic to do manually. You may definitely approach white label local SEO services. They make SEO optimization seemingly effortless with the right expertise.

  • Optimization of the Page for a Particular Location

Unless you make an effort to optimize each business page, Google will not know. It will not be able to guess if your page is meant for a specific location. You can do this by mentioning the location in your website titles. You can even include the business location in your meta descriptions. This helps Google know your business purpose. Hence it helps Google and other search engines rank you higher on search results. This method has been tried and tested by many companies and restaurants. And they have achieved topmost rankings on search engines and gained phenomenally more customer traffic.

  • Create Content Specific for each Location

Not all business branches will have the same products and services available currently. It naturally varies from branch to branch. So you must create content specifically relevant to a particular location. This helps customers get the most out of your website without much hassle.

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You should provide store location on the landing pages. You should also provide information like opening and closing hours, address, and directions to the store. You must also provide a Google map with the location of your store pinned. You can add images of your physical stores(if any). Create blog posts dedicated to serving the interests and demands of customers in that particular area.

Make sure you do not post repetitive or monotonous content. Keep posting fresh content with diverse ideas. This may be difficult to do all by yourself. White label local SEO services can greatly benefit business owners with their local SEO worries. Local SEO services will do all of this for you at very affordable prices. So you can now focus on your field expertise without having to worry about optimizing websites for each location.

Local SEO services will even create product and service pages for you. These pages will be dedicated to the services and products available only in that specific location. This includes everything from service features to information about products and even the cost. This easy and hassle-free user experience will encourage your customers to make a move and decide to purchase your services.

  • Use Google My Business

 If you are operating your business from multiple locations and have not used or heard of Google My Business, you are missing out on a lot! Did you know that almost 97% of customers learn about a local business through online resources than anywhere else? Shocking, isn’t it? And when people search for local businesses, you want to ensure that your business comes on top. You definitely want local customers to find you easily without any hassles.

But how? Answer is—through Google My Business! You have to make an effort to let Google know that you want to reach out to the local population. Or else, it becomes next to impossible for the Google algorithm to detect your business amongst a huge ocean of information. With Google My Business, what you basically do is put your business on the local map. This helps customers find your services effortlessly when they search for a specific niche in a particular location. Most SEO experts agree that a Google My Business listing is way more important than social media marketing or email marketing. After all, what is the use of marketing when you are not reaching out to your customers only? Who are you marketing for?

Google My Business works equally well for businesses of all sizes. Even better, with Google My Business, you can share photos of your products or services, edit business information and even respond to reviews. And guess what? It’s absolutely free of cost! And the login process is fairly simple and self-explanatory. The only condition required to use Google My Business is that your business must have a physical location. What better can you ask for?

However, it has to be kept in mind that listing your business on Google My Business and optimizing it for maximizing traction is not easy. It requires experience and marketing expertise. So we highly recommend you reach out to white label SEO reseller services. They have just the right skill set and experienced professionals to help you out. These local SEO services also do not cost a fortune and deliver the best services. Some of them even provide customized services just to suit your business needs. Lastly, they have amazing teamwork and access to a wide range of useful resources.

  • Build as Many Backlinks as Possible

Creating backlinks is as important as anything another crucial business aspect. For those of you who are unaware, backlinking is an essential tool for attracting more customers and for helping search engines rank you higher. Backlinks work this way. If you are own fashion business, you may reach out to fashion bloggers to write about your business in their blogs. Likewise, if you have a food business or a bakery, you can approach famous food bloggers to mention your business features on their blogs.

Now customers who are visiting their website, read their blogs and come to know about your services. They visit your website link provided in their blogs. This is called backlinking. Backlinks are links that allow visitors to a website to jump to another website page through the link.

Customers will be willing to purchase from you because the reference to your business came from a food blogger they trust. This helps to build brand reputation. You gain customers who trust you and have faith in your business vision. Now what happens is— the more backlinks you gain, the easier it will be for Google to rank you higher. Backlinks are like votes. The more votes you have, the more visibility and customer reach you will be able to get.

More backlinks help Google know that people want to avail themselves of your services and that there is demand for your website content. This is how the Google algorithm works. This is how it was designed. When more customers visit your website through the backlinks, Google understands the demands of people and automatically ranks you higher on its pages.

Building backlinks may look seemingly easy and simple. But it is not as easy as it apparently seems. In fact, it requires a skill set and expertise which you may not have. If you are an expert in web development, then you would naturally not have any idea about building backlinks. This is where white label local SEO services come to play. You can hire them at affordable expense without having to spend a fortune on them. These local SEO services have all the necessary skills and experience to handle your SEO game. They even have wide networking amongst bloggers and other useful resources and connections, which you possibly do not have!

So they can, therefore, approach the right people to get your work done. They can pull off back linking effortlessly with much ease. The SEO experts will even optimize your website for multiple locations through bank linking. So you do not have to worry about anything related to backlinks and can put your entire focus on other business aspects.

  • Review Management is Crucial!

A very essential yet underrated part of multiple location SEO is efficient customer review management. Many people underestimate its importance. But you see, there is something called ‘social proof’. This is a concept of psychology that applies really well in business as well. What this means is, people are more likely to buy products that have already been used by others. Rather than trusting any random unknown business, people prefer looking up to reviews of other customers.

This helps people relate to the problems faced by similar people like them. In fact, studies show that about 94% of people go through customer reviews minutely before making a move to purchase. You can see now, how important customer reviews are. White label local SEO services can effectively take care of review management.

These local SEO services request customers, on your company’s behalf, to give genuine feedback on their experience. This encourages customers to come up with their issues with the product without any hesitation. The SEO experts also give prompt replies to the reviews and come up with genuine solutions. This helps customers have faith in your business.

The best part is, new potential customers who are not sure whether or not to opt for your services, can now make decisions smoothly. When they see a familiar community posting reviews about their problems, they feel secure and comfortable. Seeing the prompt responses to clients’ feedbacks motivates them even further to make their first move. This is because now they know that your company will help them out when faced with any difficulties.

If you have made it here, we are pretty sure that you are all set and equipped with the right knowledge. Managing local SEO for multiple business branches in different locations can be hectic. Moreover, it becomes messy! But with our highly recommended solutions and tips, you can provide each branch the visibility it deserves. If the above tips are properly implemented, nobody can stop a business from becoming a thundering success. If you have any more doubts or questions regarding multiple location SEO, you can let us know in the comments.






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