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How to Create Interactive Content?

Interactive Content

Today’s audiences love interactive content. However, depending on the information you have to share, it can be difficult to create interactive contentin a way that actually engages your readers.

Here are ten great suggestions to do exactly that:

Look for New Ways to Display Your Details

The key to creating a great visual is to always be on the hunt for new ways to display data. Even if it’s just small changes in the color or font, these small changes can add up to gorgeous results that capture and keep your audience’s attention!

Use Animation to Capture Readers’ Attention

Video and animated media are the gold standards for today’s marketing efforts. Companies of all kinds understand that the movement in these formats catches the attention of readers and helps them stay engaged. Add animations to simple sections of text to make them more appealing and memorable.

Display your Data with a Carousel

Walls of text can be difficult to process. The brain loses interest quickly, which is why it is better to break up information into smaller pieces.

What do you do when that information needs to be presented together? If you cannot separate it onto different pages or parts of the page, try using a dynamic presentation format like a carousel. This allows you to present information in one place without it looking like an intimidating or overwhelming wall of text.

Use an Eye-Catching Chart to Make Info Easier to Process

Charts are a great way to organize everything you need your readers to see. Which are you more drawn to, visually – a chart, or a bullet list? Exactly. Choose the chart and show off your data without boring your reader!

Build Suspense with a Reveal

Have details that you can save for after basics have been established? Use dynamic or animated elements to reveal those details after a while, allowing for a fun surprise.

Organize with Tabs

The organization is a great way to make information easier to understand and process. If you have multiple subsections or topics to cover, consider using tabbed pages to organize them. This way, your reader can click through and engage directly with the interactive content at their own pace.

Quiz Readers on Statistics

Really want to see how well readers are understanding your content? Quiz them! Yes, really!

While you may only think of quizzes as something that your school teachers surprised you with, they can actually be a great way to engage with your audience. Just make sure they’re fun and enjoyable, so they don’t feel like homework!

Create Dynamic Paths Within Your Assessments

Rather than just “right and wrong” answers, consider setting up your quizzes and assessments more like an educational experience in themselves. Let your readers’ answers determine what data is presented next, or use it to suggest appropriate products or services. They’ll benefit more from and enjoy the quiz much more!

Incentivize Those Quizzes

What is going to make your audience want to take those quizzes and assessments that you put all that time into making? Incentives! Adding some kind of incentive to the completion of those quizzes – like coupon codes, additional info, or access to exclusive content – will make people more likely to engage with them.

Ask for Audience Feedback

One of the best ways to continue creating better and better content for your audience is to ask them for their input. The easiest way to do that is to request feedback on your current content. This way, you can tell what is working and what is not, so you can fine-tune your efforts over time.

Still not sure how to handle creating engaging content that works with your data points? Talk to an expert in interactive content marketing that can help you streamline the process – and deliver the results you and your audience need!


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