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2 Tips to Sell House with Tax Lien

How to Sell House with Tax Lien

It can happen that you had forgotten to pay the tax a few years back. In that case, when you are trying to sell the house, it might come with a tax lien. Depending upon the State or the government that is controlling the tax is in your location, your house might have a legal claim against it. In that case, it will become quite difficult for you to sell your house. A lot of home sellers often asked questions: can I sell my house with a tax lien? The answer is yes and here are 2 ways to do that:

  1. List Your Home

If there is a tax lien against your home, there is no law that is forbidding you from putting your house on a market listing. In fact, you are free to look for buyers who are willing to buy the home with the tax lien. In that case, when the buyer has made the payment, you can pay back the taxes that you have not been able to pay. This will strike off the tax lien that was put on your house and the ownership and title deed will work out smoothly. It will not affect the buyer if the tax lien has been paid by the original owner.

  1. Improve the Asset Value

The problem is that when you are willing to sell the house, it may have a taxi and attached which can affect the number of potential buyers. You might not find enough buyers for your home, however, in that case, you can improve the asset value of your house. The potential buyers will put more focus on the asset value of the house than the unpaid taxes which can be paid easily after receiving the final amount.

Now you might ask: Can I sell my house before foreclosure? Yes, you can do that too. You will need to just get in touch with the right real estate company!


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