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What is Meditation?


Meditation is like a mental exercise that involves focus, relaxation, and mental awareness. Meditation is usually done by sitting alone in a still and quiet place. Meditation is the same as to mind what the physical exercises are to the body. Still, people have a perception that it is its usual practice for spiritual purposes. Still, as nowadays people are becoming more aware and secular, they started practicing it normally and understand that anyone can perform meditation without having any spiritual interest or relation. Let’s know what is meditation.

Characteristic of Meditation

  • Meditation is an individual process, even if we do it while sitting in the group(like meditation camp)
  • In modern days we often do it with closed eyes. On the other hand, In ancient times or according to the other religious group, it should be done halved open eyes.
  • We do meditation in a sitting posture with quietness.

Where did Meditation Originate from?

Meditation originated in India, and after that, with the help of the seekers, it got spread all over the world.

The oldest document of performing the meditation is the Vedas, from 1,500 BCE. Some paintings were also found in the Indian subcontinent, approximately 3,500 to 5000 BCE, which is the oldest evidence of performing meditation in the world. While in that painting, a caveman was sitting in the halved opened eyes.

Religious Connection of Meditation

meditation is connected to so many religions, and it is not just a mode of relaxing the mind but a way to connect the god. That’s why the meditation was done by normal people and the yogis and sages. Meditation has its direct connection with Sanatan dharma as is mentioned in the old holy sculpture-like Vedas, Upanishads, etc. It has its connection with other religions too, just like after Gautam buddha abandoned his royal princely life, he learned meditation from yogis and after studying the various things meditation and yoga he developed different types of meditation like some instances are walking meditation, vipassana, Samatha, loving-kindness, etc. Buddhism is widely spread in the western side, so Westerners mostly know this Buddhist meditation developed by the buddha. Meditation has its connection with zen Buddhism too (China), which was spread by an Indian monk Bodhidharma in 8 the century.

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After meditation got spread worldwide, every religion started using it as a model of prayer too like Christianity used meditation as a mode of prayer too, just chanting religious words & pharmacies,  they developed their meditation called Jesus prayer. Sufism has also developed the same kind of meditation version under some influence of Indian contemplative tradition, which can be seen in turkey even today.

Modern World and Meditation

In nowadays 21 st century, meditation has gotten wide attention from the world and has become more secular. Now people invest their time and money so on to learn meditation. Meditation was first introduced to the western people by Swami Vivekananda (Indian monk) when meditation and a simple but charismatic monk caught the world’s attention. Even though meditation for spiritual purposes still exists, a wide range started doing it for mental good, beingness, stability, etc.

Did Corona help with Meditation?

Before the pandemic hit the world, we still practiced meditation; what changes does corona bring to our life? Meditation got more recognition and attention during this pandemic, even though people started doing meditation in almost all age groups. Meditation is now not just their habit but a part of a life cause in corona time when everybody lost hope and suffered from depression, anxiety, anger, low immunity, then meditation and yoga became the panacea for the whole world. It helped people not get mental peace but to increase their immunity also.

Benefits of Meditation: Better Management of Stress, Anxiety, Tension.

  1. Help in mental wellbeing.
  2. Increased immunity.
  3. Lowered blood pressure.
  4. Help to cure insomnia.
  5. Help to reduce physical pain.
  6. Improve the stability of mind.

There are plenty of benefits to meditation. Currently, meditation also helps cure patience in the health care sector, and everybody benefits from it.


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